About the 4 Postmen

We believe in the 4 pillars of customer service; Passionate, Friendly, Devoted, and Willing. Communication and Quality are the foundation of what we do.

Our founding members embody these ideals. The idea for the 4 Postmen was born out of the belief that customers are the product. We strive to create life-long customers who want us to help with future projects and have a desire to tell all their friends about us and our passion.

Cory Bennet

Cory started his career in customer service and then sales, overseeing up to 2200 employees and managing multiple concepts and locations in U.S. and Canada. He excelled at sales and multiple times won company awards in earnings, sales, and operations.

After leaving a sales position at a multi-billion dollar corporation, he went to work for a leading distributor, planning and selling to contractors from $200,000 to over $1,000,000 before venturing out on his own and becoming a founding member of the 4 Postmen.

Nate Todd

Nate served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years working in logistics and embarkation and assisted in the transportation of vehicles and soldiers to Iraq in 2004. 

After the military, he was given the opportunity to work with his uncle at Vinyl Fence Connection. After 7 years of working in the gate shop, he had an opportunity to switch gears and careers.

He learned customer service skills first with American Express (5 years) and then with Jet.com — where he pioneered their chat team.  Fate then pulled him back into the fencing world when he was asked to manage a gate shop for US Vinyl Fence.

He then teamed up with Cory and Trevor to start 4 Postmen. Nate prides himself on being the #1 gate builder and isn’t afraid of a little hard work.

Trevor Maxfield

You could say Trevor has been in the construction industry his entire life. Starting when he was about 10 years old swinging his first hammer while helping his dad fix shingles. He’s never outlived the name “shingle boy”.

After that moment he knew this was his industry. Regardless of what was being built, he was always ready to learn and help. When Trevor turned 18 his career in vinyl fencing and composite decking started.

After numerous positions with a few different companies, he realized his expertise could be put to use outside a traditional 9-5 job. Wheels started turning and he found two willing partners in Cory and Nate.

The 4th Postmen

The 4th Postmen was born in 2018. He was in the system for a few years before finally receiving a loving family that cherished him and could unleash his true potential. The 4th Postmen was born to dig holes and move dirt. He is a tank and won’t even complain when the going gets tough. Definitely a valued member of the 4 Postmen.